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Family Law

We understand that the end of a relationship is a difficult time for separated couples and families. Our practical approach will help you navigate through the family law process, whether you are negotiating a property settlement, divorce, or children’s arrangements.

Our experienced family law team will provide you with a tailored plan particular to your circumstances. Our goal is to help you achieve an early and cost effective resolution so that you can move forward in life with certainty and protection.

We promote a private, negotiated approach to resolving any disputes, including utilising a mediation or other alternative dispute resolution processes. If court proceedings do become necessary to resolve the dispute, we will advocate for you so that you achieve the best possible outcome.

We are able to assist you with:


  • Applications for Divorce

  • Property settlement – married, divorced and de facto couples

  • Parenting arrangements

  • Mediation


At Charltons Lawyers we offer fixed fee initial consultations of $330.00 for up to one (1) hour either in person or by phone appointment.

What will I need to bring to my initial consultation?

You will need to bring with you evidence of your identity (Driver Licence, Passport).


You may also need to bring with you copies of particular documents as your Solicitor may want to discuss certain issues with you during your first appointment, for example:-



  • Domestic Violence Orders

  • Any other existing family Court Orders

  • Binding Financial Agreement (commonly known as a ‘pre-nuptial agreement’)

  • Parenting Plans

  • Letters you have received from the other party’s solicitor

  • A list of current assets, liabilities and superannuation, with estimated values

If you do not have any documents for the first appointment, your Solicitor will let you know what documents you may need to provide at a later time.


What information will my solicitor want from me during my initial consultation?

In order for us to best utilise the one hour that we have with you, please complete our Family Law Consultation Form before your initial appointment. By answering a lot of these questions before your appointment, we will have time to cover every aspect of your family law case, and by having all information relevant to your matter, we can provide you with the most accurate and concise legal advice.

How much will my family law matter cost?

Our initial consultation with you gives us the opportunity to scope what is the best course of action that we should take tailored to your particular circumstances and to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We will provide you with a summary of the various options available to resolve your matter, as well as provide you with an estimate of the legal costs and any other expenses that you may incur throughout each stage of the process.

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